Travelers hotel reservation system

This assignment is comprised of a written report that summaries the student’s progress on their chosen project. The essential need of automating the workflow in the modern business world is increasing day to day. As everyone knows, using a manual system can caused lots of conflicts such as, duplicate data, data lost and etc. By converting the manual system into the fully automation system, the hotel can function efficiently and effectively. The two major point of building a cutting-edge framework to the hotel is, to convey decent deals to its whole customers and tackle the majority of the issues they’re looking with the manual framework by and by. With the recently manufacture framework, the hotel’s eatery’s clients can have a completely clear thought regarding the hotel’s system and service.

The hotel business is a business adventure for the proprietor and a comfort for the travelers. A traveler can motivate stranded in the mission to anchor lodging to pass the night on the off chance that they have not made sufficient arrangements by the framework. Through this investigation, it was understood that for a traveler to be ensured a room, they need to physically go to the hotel since the management gave careful consideration to that. Travelers could likewise send a companion who lives around the hotel environment to do the reservation on behalf of them.

In common, the managers are realistically expecting the stable reports to make an effective decision. Advanced in manual-based systems in recent decades have led to a wide type of systems that the managers are now using to make and implement the decisions. Under work completed chapter, the system development process along with the diagrams such as use case, class, DFD and ERD and up to which module the system has been developed has been produced is clarified. At last a progress review will be carried out to check whether the project is on schedule and reference that used to develop the solution to the hotel will be given for readers’ convenience.

The manual processes are usually very slow, tedious and prone to errors and requires more personnel hence expensive than if the process is automated. The manual process is also faced with other challenges such as double booking, loss of documents relating to particular guests and so on. We provide a simple wed based interface that presents easy hotel reservations commands and other administrative commands to simplify and make the whole process quick. In a wide scope, the hotel industry now a day has been recognized as a global industry, with procedures and customers spread around the world.

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