MyToys company (Imaginary)

Organizations or company means a group of people or an individual works together to achieve a specific task or goal or an aim. Mostly the organizations can be divided according to its size. Like Large, middle, and small sized organizations.

Even the size is small or large every organizations need core business functions to manage the system. These core business function can be called as the functional areas of the organization. These core functional areas can be depending on the type of business that the organization has taking over.

In the MyToys company the main business is manufacturing the toys and deliver to the customers and also they purchase the toys from suppliers and deliver to their customers. As they still use the manual selling method in all the three branches, therefore they formed the different functional areas and maintain their business and now they asked to maintain an e-commerce website. The following are the core business functions of the MyToys company,

  1. Administration
  2. HR Department
  3. Finance Department
  4. Purchasing Department
  5. Manufacturing Department
  6. Sales and Marketing
  7. Research and Development Department

Core business functions of this organization

Administration Department

This is the main and largest functional area of MyToys company. This department include the CEO of this company and the managing team. In the managing team branch managers, assistant managers will be included. All the administration works will be monitored by this department. This department will be functioned as the head for the MyToys company. This department will take decision and finalize and approve the plans and works of the other employees. They will take the decision by viewing and analyzing the reports created and submitted by the other departments especially the sales and manufacturing department. They will monitor the suppliers, manufacturer and the sales team to maintain the company in a profit track. The branch managers of the MyToys company will be under this department and they are the responsible persons for their own branch and they will monitor their branch and they planned to increase the profit annually by providing the best toys to the kids and the customers.

Human Resource Department

This department in a next responsible team after the administration team. This team is responsible to post vacancies advertisements in website by taking help from IT team and taking interview and select the suitable staff for their organization. HR managers will monitor all the branches and branch managers and help to take the company towards its goal and aim. They keep the record of their staffs and will monitor their works by analyzing the working schedule. They are the responsible persons to monitor the overtime of the employees and to calculate the overtime salary. They also consider the health and performance of their staffs and motivate them to get the dedication in the works which was allocated to them.

Finance Department

This is the one of the area which deals with money. So, they are the responsible people for lost and profit of this organization. They are running under the observation of administration department. So, they must report to the admin panel. They put daily and monthly budget plan and they must inform this to the admin. They can also give suggestion to the admin about the products and machinery items to buy in the allocated amount but they can’t take final decision and they can’t change the final admin decision. They are responsible to calculate daily and monthly expenditure and profit amount and they should submit a report to admin panel. Therefore, they are the responsible team in money matter and money related problems and they are the team to allocate salary amount to staffs and the final salary details will fixed by admin. They are the proper team to allocate over time payment to their staffs.

Purchasing Department

This is the next department which deals with money and products. This department team will purchase the things for the store, shop and also the raw materials for the products. They also manage their store stocks by ordering the new products to their production factory or to their suppliers. This team is responsible to exchange or return the products which are damaged and return by the customers for any reasons. This team should report daily sales product amount and balance stock details to the finance, admin departments and should report the daily, weekly, monthly sales and purchasing amount to the admin through finance team. They will supervise the works of the sales team and guide them.

Sales and Marketing department

This is the second largest area of this group, which deals with money. This area includes the functions of marketing, sales and customer service. This has low level staffs who are working directly with customers, admin, finance teams. This team divided into two to work with customers. One team act as cashiers and other team as sales representative who helps the customers by guiding direction to choose the items. This team had direct contacts with customers and provide customer services. This team is responsible to collect feedbacks from customers and inform them to admin through a report basis. This team can suggest the finance and admin team about the product which is highly fascinated by the consumers and they give suggestion to buy them in higher and also to manufacture them in higher rate. Other than this they should mingle with the kids and should collect the daily trends of cartoons and toys items to produce.  The cashier is responsible to put bills for the customers and submit the daily sales amount to the finance, purchasing teams, and should forward a report to admin team.

The marketing team which is function under sales is responsible for advertise about shop, products and responsible to get more customers and suppliers. They will market the newly purchase or available products at their store and they can sell the products by giving colorful advertisements and by doing door delivery.

Manufacturing department

As the name implies this team is responsible for managing the manufacturing of the toys. They will guide the employees of their factory. They will plan the different designs and types of toys according to the current market trends. They keep the stock records of the factory products and also collect the products from suppliers and distribute to the sales and marketing teams. This department has to work closely with Development and Research to make sure that what comes out of development is something that can be built, tested, and maintained at a profit.

Research and Development department

As the MyToys company manufacture and sell the toys along with the sales by purchasing from the suppliers they should do the research to achieve their aims and goals. As the new trends changes rapidly in present world it is must to consider them before developing the products. As toys are targeted for kids the main work of this team is to analyze the new changing trends in toys, cartoons and other playing items. To collect these types of information this team should keep the relationship with kids and should analyze the likes and demands of different characters or products from the kids and should propose the reports to the manufacturing and administration teams. Then the both admin and manufacturing team will finalize the toys details from the research team reports. This team should consider the raw materials of the toys which the manufacturing team using and send the report to the other departments specially to the manufacturing team. This is because some raw materials of the toys may harm the kid’s health. So, it is must to consider the quality and the chemical of the raw materials used by their manufacturing factory.

The government health department will get the annual report from this team and also send their own team to verify this company to maintain the health of the customers. At the time this team is responsible to submit the report and cooperate with them to get the approval from health department.

These seven functional areas are working together to build the MyToys company as a successful company in the present world. So, it is important to develop these types of functional areas in every business organization.

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