Computer System / Information Communication System

Computer system is an electronic device that work together to perform a specific task. Features of computer are accurate one, have high storage capacity, has no feelings, can do multiple task at once, its speed. So the computer systems are plays a big role in different fields to deliver their output in a successful way and it gives effective and speedy solutions to the real world problems Next I am going to discuss about good and bad outcomes by using of computers in different environment. Such as,

  1. Agriculture sector
  2. Education sector
  3. Medical sector
  4. Communication sector
  5. Business sector

Usage of computers in Agriculture sector

Agriculture is the primary income or economical sector in all the countries including Sri Lanka. So it is important to make this sector as a strongest one. So the usage of computers in this system can help to get the outcomes in satisfied manner.

Positive impacts: –

  1. Easy to find the current market price of the products and helps to take decision about the current situation.
  2. Easy to introduce a new product to the market through internet.
  3. Computers are used for research, experiment works and help to find out a new product to the market.
  4. Users can get the climatic information easily.
  5. Computers help to the communication of the current market information in all over the world. So it helps to import and export products.
  6. Used in online marketing and business.

Negative impacts: –

  1. The farmer’s start the research works and discovers new chemicals to protect their cultivations. It will give diseases to the food consumers.
  2. The taste of the food will change when genetically modify the products through the help of computers.
  3. The peoples start to consume fast foods instead of cultivated products.
  4. Farmers start to cultivate the seeds which are produced by genetically modified.
  5. Artificial products start to get a high place in the market than natural things.

Usage of computers in the field of Education

Education is the basic qualification of an individual so it is must that everyone should have the educational knowledge in the present world. Everybody had their own rights to learn anything from anyone. In the early periods so many importance is given only for the learning from books but now it is totally changed to as a practical. So the usage of the computer will start to increase.

Positive impacts: –

  1. Online learning is the top level usage in this sector. Because this is the best and fastest way to learn a new thing from anywhere at any time.
  2. Computers are used in learning management systems (LMS).
  3. Computers are used in the school, library administration works.
  4. Computers are functions as a separate guide for all the people to gain knowledge.
  5. Computers can deliver a quick communication media among teacher and students.

Negative impacts: –

  1. The biggest negative thing is if the students don’t get awareness about the time schedules they will try to spend so much of times in entertainment purpose.
  2. Now the students are trying to waste their time in social medias sites (Eg: – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.…) and they become addicted to these sites.
  1. Students start to lost their calculation skills. So students must be educated without the calculation software and logical software.

Usage of computers in the field of medicine

Medicine is the most precious field of employment. We can’t say that the medicine as a job because medicine is a social service. So the usage of computing will help to give good treatment to the patients.

Positive impacts: –

  1. Computers are used to take x-rays. By the help of xrays, the doctors easily find the fractured part of the body.
  2. Computer is used to take electro cardio gram (ECG).
  3. Space maker is a computer based device works in battery and it is used to solve the heartbeat of a person.
  4. The computer and microscope is used to enlarge the micro parts of the body.
  5. Computers give accurate outputs for test results and it gives accurate payment details while billing.

Negative impacts: –

  1. After the discovery of computers and different types of scanning machine the hospital becomes money minded than social service.
  2. The scanning machines will start to emit high frequency rays outside. These rays will affect the human bodies.
  3. If the unexpected system failure occurs the life of patients will come to a risky situation.
  4. If there is a problem with scanning machine it gives the wrong output.
  5. Sometimes there is a chance for allergic reaction by the chemicals used by machines and doctors.

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